Our students put their faith into action by participating in a range of ministries and services. We see them living our 18禁色情片 Regional College values when they do things like prepare and serve meals for those in need, fundraise for those overseas experiencing poverty, sing in our Music Ministry group, and organise can-collection drives.

We arrange excursions, festivals and overseas immersion trips to allow our students to experience and learn more about mission and helping others.


Retreats are days set aside for our students in their year levels to take time to reflect on their values and beliefs and challenge them to grow as individuals. Each of these retreats includes a short liturgy, including a time for prayer and reading or hearing from scripture.


Youth Ministry programs

The College offers Youth Ministry programs for students who want to learn more about what life is all about and grow in faith. The programs Stronger Youth (Years 9 to 12) and Young Vinnies (Years 7 and 8) allow students to meet regularly as a friendship group, attend festivals and youth events, and plan how they as a group can be forces for good in the world.