Year 8 students have been studying our Prayer unit in Term 4 in Religious Education. We have examined what prayer is, what Jesus taught us about praying, different ways to pray, the value of silence, as well as Catholic meditation and contemplation.

The assessment for the Prayer unit involved students creating their own prayer spaces. Students were given lots of choice for this assessment. They were able to choose their own theme and decide how they would like to show this theme through music, images, an activity, and the way their prayer space was physically set up. Students chose a Bible passage that related to their theme and completed a written reflection about their prayer space to show their understanding.

It has been wonderful to see so many students enjoy creating their own prayer spaces and experiencing other students鈥 prayer spaces. I have received lots of positive feedback from staff and students alike, with students particularly enjoying the opportunity for a high level of creativity and the chance to focus on an idea that is important to them. It was an absolute delight to see the variety of prayer spaces and the thoughtful ways in which they were created and experienced.

Sarah Douglas

Acting Learning Area Leader of Religious Education听