As Week Three draws to an end, there鈥檚 been plenty to reflect on as we鈥檝e experienced a very positive and successful start to the year.听

As you would be well aware, our swimming carnivals have been held over the last two days. These are a great opportunity for our students to have fun, compete and showcase their talents.

The College offers something for everyone; it warms my heart to see high levels of engagement in all activities, but particularly in swimming, where participation rates can be lower due to low-levels of confidence, body image, or school cultures that are not supportive, amongst many other issues.听

The last fortnight has seen our students and staff 鈥渉it the ground running鈥 with the rigours of learning commencing. Amongst the activities outside the regular curriculum, we saw a visit from the Australian National University, guests from the Beacon Foundation working with some of our Year 10s, NSATIS sports commencing, Student Leaders鈥 Commissioning Assembly, presentation of Year 10 Peer Leaders, VET Music Class performance, the fun of the ancient Christian tradition of Shrove Tuesday Pancakes, to the reverence and reflection on the following day in Ash Wednesday, the commencement of the Lenten journey.听

Our College observes Christian traditions and rituals with particular emphasis placed during this season of Lent. The season of Lent is the high point of our Christian calendar culminating the climax of the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday is a Holy Day of Obligation where we as adults do not eat red meat on this day. This ritual continues throughout the season each Friday. If you have ever wondered why eating fish and chips is a 鈥淔riday thing鈥 it’s because of our Christian tradition. This may not feel like much of a sacrifice. However, in the moment, it can draw our attention to the meaning of Lent.听

It is quite humbling to reflect on the magnitude of Jesus鈥 sacrifice, his love for us, and what it is we are prepared to do on a daily basis, as a sign of our mercy and compassion for others.听听听听听

Our purpose as a College is to offer an invitation to the faith and excellence in holistic education. Our culture, traditions and rituals help make this opportunity a reality. We are 鈥渇ormed鈥 and sometimes, people can describe their journeys as transformational.听

Our students are often commended for their character. I believe that, for most cases, it is the culture, identity, traditions, rituals and expectations that all contribute to bringing about better and 鈥渇uller鈥 lives to our students and staff. This invitation is extended to you, as parents and community members.听听

Best wishes for your Lenten journey,听

Mr Gregg Sharman


MRC Board Membership

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Jennine Williams

PA to the Principal

Tel: (03) 6432 7612



Our enrolment is the highest since 2014. To avoid disappointment, please go to /enrolments/enrolment-expression-of-interest-form/ to express your interest for 2024 or 2025.


It is with sadness that we share that Sister Irene Monigatti RSM died peacefully in the Gandarra Palliative Care Unit, Ballarat on Saturday 18 February.鈥 Many sisters have supported Irene in her palliative journey both in prayer and in their care.

Irene had been a teacher since 1958 and taught in many schools in both the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Diocese of Ballarat including Woodford, here in Burnie, Kennington, Coburg, Brunswick, Camperdown, Mornington, Colac and Geelong.

We remember Irene’s family at this sad time and are especially mindful of Irene’s sister, Teresa Monigatti RSM, who is in residential care in Bendigo.听

May Irene rest in peace in the eternal embrace of her loving God.

Irene鈥檚 funeral Mass will be held next Monday, 27 February at St Alipius Church Ballarat East.听