Technology and Devices

We aim to foster creativity and a lifelong love of learning in our students through our modern curriculum, teaching staff and access to suitable modern technology. Each student has a laptop to find information, interact with others, submit their work and pursue their own interests. We encourage students to use a range of technological and non-technological tools to ensure they鈥檙e prepared for the modern world, while also developing critical thinking and learning skills.

In 2022 all year 7 and year 10 students will receive a (Intel Core i3) device as part of their enrolment.聽 Further information about the responsibilities of families and of the College toward the device can be found in our area.

18禁色情片 e-Learning

Students, teachers and parents are linked through our 18禁色情片 e-Learning Management System (MEL). This is where students can find their learning materials, teachers can record marks, results and suggestions for improvement, and parents and carers can see how their children are progressing throughout the year.

MEL is another way the 18禁色情片 College community shares information and invites parents and carers to be part of their child鈥檚 learning.