7-10 End of Year Reports

Your child鈥檚 report will be available to view via the Parent M.E.L. Portal () from the afternoon of Friday 8 December.听 Your username is in the format of surname.firstname. If required, your password can be reset from the MEL login page (you need a valid mobile number and email address on record with the school to do this).

The End of Year Report includes a summative A-E rating for Australian Curriculum subjects and school-based electives. Vocational Education and Training subjects (VET) are assessed against competencies.

The End of Year Report records the achievements of your child at that particular point in time. Teachers make a professional judgement based on evidence of student work throughout the year. This is in alignment with the achievement standards or criteria set for each year level.

In each subject area teachers develop assessments that are directly aligned to what students have had the opportunity to learn, based on the intended curriculum.

This report should be read in conjunction with the feedback provided on MEL by your child鈥檚 teachers on their Common Assessment Tasks.

Queries on Reports

If you have any queries regarding results, please first review the feedback on your child鈥檚 MEL class pages and then directly contact the Subject Teacher.

If there are further queries, please contact the Learning Area Leader for the subject result in question. For any further issues or concerns, please contact the Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching noting that our final day this year for teaching staff is Thursday 14 December.

2024 Due Work – Late Submission of Work Guidelines

A document called Late Submission of Work Guidelines has been developed throughout the year. Leadership, Learning Area Leaders, staff and the SRC have contributed to this project. Please find following a link to the document –

Beginning 2024, 18禁色情片 Regional College will be implementing new processes to support students to complete and submit work on or before the due date.

The processes include鈥.

  • A process for responding when work is not submitted on the due date 鈥 an Academic Catch-Up Room. This process is to ensure that work is submitted and marked in a timely manner.
  • Applying for an extension process 鈥 an automated system has been developed under Student Services on MEL. It will be activated beginning 2024.

There are several reasons for this improvement focus. The first reason is to support students with developing sound organisation and study habits to complete and submit work by due dates. The second reason is to support teachers to assess a full class鈥檚 work in a timely manner over spending time inefficiently chasing up late work.

Ultimately, this endeavour focuses our attention on the important matters of effective learning and teaching and maintaining college-wide consistent practices.

More information outlining these processes will be communicated with students and families at the start of the 2024 school year.

Mrs Emily Sass

Deputy Principal: Learning & Teaching