Student Work

10 February 2023, 2:30PM

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Congratulations to student, Sanuli Karunaratne who received an impressive Honourable Mention in Little Stories, Big Ideas recent micro fiction competition.

Her incredible prose/verse moved and impressed the judges, and they loved her creative approach to the competition鈥檚 theme of Fear, as well as her beautiful and highly original style.

fingers drag across听

skin, nails drawing听

stark white lines

fear has made itself听

at home, as it aches听

in your chest-

tears fall, tracing听

a path down clammy听

flesh, the salty taste听

pangs on cracked lips

it is the witching hour,

the clock has struck听

twelve, and the moon听

glows from the space听

between the rust-ridden听

bars of the window-

its half-crescent eye

watching from the听

dark, as the blackness

that surrounds听

allows it to shine听

bright- preying on听

fear, on the shrill sound

of a wrenching scream

a stolen, gasping breath

on the sleepless night

it preys.

听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听听 -la lune, crains-la